5 Recommendations

This month’s recommendations feature everything from workplace musical performances to exciting new AI announcements. Check out our recommendations for spring movies, movement, and a helpful Teams tip!   

1. Tiny Desk Concerts

For a musical interlude, check out some of the fabulous musicians performing short sets at NPR’s tiny desk. Everyone from T-Pain to Bono to Yo Yo Ma have crowded around Bob Boilen’s workspace. 

2. U of T’s 3 Minute Movement Break

Take a couple of minutes to move your body and shake out winter’s tension. Whether you’re looking for gentle stretches or upbeat dances, U of T’s 3 Minute Movement Break videos have you covered. 

3. The Battle of the Workspace AI

Google and Microsoft have both launched workspace-centred AI. These new tools claim to do everything from PowerPoint presentations to meeting minutes. Is this ushering in a new era of getting things done? Only time will tell! 

air jordans next to a baketball

4. Films to checkout

Spring seems to be the season for movies about wildly successful entrepreneurs! Check out Air, April 5, about the birth of the Air Jordan shoe, and BlackBerry out May 12th, which tells the story of the rise and fall Canada’s own smartphone, the BlackBerry.

microsoft teams on cellphone

5. Teams Tip

No need to adjust your glasses! Did you know that you can magnify your Teams window with by simply holding CTRL and scrolling with your mouse wheel? Thanks to Jennifer Da Silva for this incredibly helpful tip.