Initiatives & Committees


The Office of the Vice-Provost, Strategic Enrolment Management leads and partners with divisions from across the University and externally on initiatives to enhance and enrich the student experience.

Student Information System Renewal

This project will identify and implement a future Student Information System (SIS) for the University of Toronto. This involves researching, understanding, and documenting SIS requirements, and could potentially include other core functions associated with student record management that are currently supported through other applications outside the current SIS (ROSI).

The project will occur in four phases: 

Phase 1Business Process Data Collection & Process Streamlining
(active, expected completion Spring 2025)
Phase 2Solution Market Review​ & Business Process Streamlining
Phase 3Develop proposal for replacement (RFP: Build, Buy, Both)​
Phase 4Project Approval and Launch Implementation​

Development of Institutional Scheduling Principles

The Working Group on Scheduling Principles was established to review current scheduling practices and make recommendations to improve scheduling practices across the University of Toronto with a goal of developing a student focused academic schedule. A student focused schedule includes developing a schedule of classes that reduces conflicts for students, increases a student’s ability to register in the courses needed to complete degree requirements and provides a reasonable distribution of course options across the days of the week and times throughout the day.

The Hub

This new digital workspace, which was typically multiple paper-based processes, was implemented to improve the undergraduate student experience. This one stop web application (login required) also allows teams across the VP SEM portfolio (Financial Aid and Awards, Admissions, Client Services), and clients and collaborators across the university to do their work in a streamlined and fully digital way.

Student Financial Aid Review

The University of Toronto financial aid programs (UTAPS) is driven by the provincial and federal government’s OSAP assessment of student costs, financial resources, and need. Changes to the OSAP program directly impact the calculations of UTAPS grants and can reduce UTAPS eligibility and/or the amount of UTAPS funding a University of Toronto student receives. The University of Toronto is actively reviewing the UTAPS program with a goal of making it more responsive to student financial need and less reliant on the OSAP need assessment.

Slate Implementation Project

This project revitalized and streamlined the various processes associated with undergraduate admissions. The implementation of the Slate CRM transformed how the University of Toronto recruits, assesses, and admits new students.

In partnership with tri-campus stakeholders, we are exploring opportunities to fully leverage Slate CRM functionality to improve the student experience, by providing the seamless coordination and integration of our administrative service platforms.

Review of Policies and Procedures for the Use of Instructional Space

The Working Group to Review the Use of Instructional Space (Classroom Facilities) Policies and Guidelines is undertaking a review of current policies and procedures related to the use of instructional space at U of T. The Working Group is tasked with identifying information gaps in existing policies, along with opportunities to streamline various documents into a unified document (policy and guidelines).  The Working Group will consult widely with faculty, staff and students across the University to learn more about the ways in which the University community uses instructional space for non-teaching activities, with the end goal of clarifying existing policies and procedures. The Terms of Reference for this Working Group are available here.

University of Toronto Excellence Award (UTEA)

In partnership with the Office of the Vice-President, Research and Innovation, the UTEA program was established to provide undergraduate students with funding to conduct summer research projects under the supervision of a University of Toronto faculty member.


The Office of the Vice-Provost, Strategic Enrolment Management oversees a number of pan-university and tri-campus committees on various topics.

  • Council of First Entry Deans (CFED)
  • Transforming the Instructional Landscape Advisory Committee (TIL)
  • NGSIS Registrars Advisory Group
  • Registrarial Issues Group
  • Graduate and Professional Faculties Working Group
  • Equity Diversity Inclusion Recruitment and – Admissions Committee (EDIRAC)
  • First-Entry Student Recruitment Committee
  • First-Entry Admissions Committee