Table set up with BBQ foods across it.
Photo Credit: Zareena Khan


Approximately 100 VPSEM staff members enjoyed connecting at a spring BBQ on Monday, June 5 in the Massey College Quad. The weather was perfect, and the Massey College Quad was a beautiful spot for staff who worked so hard over the course of the academic year to relax and enjoy delicious food. A fun time was had by all, and the potato salad was a clear crowd favourite. A small six-legged “party crasher” seemed to enjoy the BBQ as well – check out the photos to spot this interesting insect addition to the group. Thank you to all involved with organizing!

Angelique Saweczko and Joe Minichini speaking to staff at the URO Potluck
Angelique Saweczko and Joe Minichini speaking to staff at the URO Potluck
Photo Credit: Cara Crowley

URO Potluck

The URO team held its first ever potluck lunch on Monday, June 19 in the lovely Bronfman courtyard of Woodsworth College. Staff enjoyed a sunny afternoon featuring an array of tasty savoury and sweet options, music, a fun ice breaker game, and even a draw for U of T branded tote bags. The lucky winners were: Anna Fleming, Maria Moscon and Nympha Naval. The potluck was well attended, and staff enjoyed community-building by connecting over a variety of delicious foods. Thank you to all involved with organizing this event, with special thanks to: Steve Bailey, Sharon Kelly, Zareena Khan, Joe Minichini, Jorge Rivera, and Angelique Saweczko. See you at the next one!